Saturday, September 25, 2021
Whack-A-Rat is a wonderful and easy-to-play game suited for all ages. Similar to the whacking style games you see in the arcade but much more involved and exciting. The main aim is to whack as many rats as you can and also try to avoid the many other animals and traps that may appear. There is also an online leader board to submit your high score to compete with players around the world.
Stack'Em is like that crazy stacker game you see and most likely have played in the arcades. The aim is to stack all the blocks to the top where at each level the blocks move faster. The background is customizable to 3 different colors and gameplay has amazing sound and music. This game is highly addictive and is fun for all ages.
Crazy Bubbles is a fun bubble popping game for the whole family. The main aim is to pop all the bubbles before they build up and cover the entire screen. There are 20 levels with great sound FX and music which will keep players occupied for hours!
Animal Sound FX is an application for children to learn animal sounds. It has a very easy to use interface with volume and speed control. More than 20 animal sounds, so just click on the animal picture and hear them come to life!!
BLOCKS is a game that requires fast hand eye co-ordination. Playing against the timer and watching out for flying blocks makes this game very challenging, players will find themselves coming back again and again. The task is to dodge as many floating blocks as you can, for as long as you can. Great graphics and music adds atmosphere to gameplay. Also there is an online high score chart to compete with others on the internet.
Xmas Jokes is a fun application to get everyone into the christmas spirit. It has more than 100 jokes ranging from santa jokes to reindeer humor. A must have for christmas!
Help Matty the elevator man climb to the top and avoid all the malfunctioning lifts. Grab the power ups along the way to make the journey easier!
Discount-It is a simple app that will help you calculate sale prices. It will subtract the percentage off the original price and tell you exactly what the reduced price is!
Office Paper Bin is based on that very addictive flash game that everybody knows. The main aim is to throw a paper ball into a bin consecutively, it's that simple!
A person's name says alot about them and may be used to determine their compatiblity with others. This love calculator uses a traditional formula and will produce a love percentage based on two names.
Ever had a hard time coming up with a sickie reason? Well Sickie Reasons app offers a bunch of excuses, ranging from serious to hilariously funny reasons. Very easy to use and fun for everyone.
Frame-It allows you to frame your photos before uploading to facebook, myspace, flickr etc. There are more than 40 frames to choose from, ranging from Basic frames to Romantic frames. So before you share your photos add that special touch with Frame-It!
Catch all the water droplets in your bucket by moving your phone left and right. Avoid the fire drops as they will break your container. Highly addictive!!